Project Administration


Development Systems provides the following project administration services:

Construction Management

We perform the duties necessary to successfully manage the client’s interests and coordinate the project team during construction activities.

Cost and Progress Reporting

We visit the site at periodic intervals to provide the client an objective opinion of the actual progress compared to what was approved in the master program budget.  We provide the client detailed reports concerning schedule, cash flow, change requests, change orders, information and action required, as well as overall status of the work.

Change Request Management

We assist the client and architect in the evaluation of all change requests.  We review and evaluate all pricing associated with change requests and make recommendations about their approval.

Equipment Vendor Coordination

We monitor the production and delivery of client furnished equipment to assure effective coordination with the construction schedule.

Contract Administration

We assure the timely submittal and execution of contract changes and review them for completeness and accuracy.  We also verify all applications for payment.

Cash Flow

We assist the client in monitoring actual versus planned expenditures and update the cash flow forecast as necessary.

Regulatory Agency Coordination

We assure that the project team is communicating with and responding appropriately to all governing agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

Conflict Resolution

We assist the client in resolving any disputes that may arise between members of the project team which might otherwise impact the progress of the work.