Project Planning


Development Systems provides the following project planning services:

Project Team Organization

We provide an organizational plan for the operation of the project, which includes activities of the client, architect, engineers, building owner, consultants, equipment vendors, contractors and others involved in the planning, design, and construction process.  Acting as the client's advocate, we conduct project team meetings to maintain the goals and objectives of the project program.


We prepare and update a master program schedule, which includes all design, pre-construction, construction, equipment delivery, and occupancy activities.

Contract Negotiation

We assist the client in the development, negotiation, and award of contracts including master facilities planning, functional programming, architectural and engineering services, geotechnical investigation and materials testing services, interior design, furniture and equipment planning, pre-construction services, general contracting services, specialty consultants, and others pertinent to the project delivery process.

Construction Delivery

We provide an assessment of the construction program and make contracting recommendations for the construction elements of the project.

Budget Development

We assist the client in developing and maintaining a master budget summary, which includes all relevant project costs.

Cost and Progress Reporting

We monitor and report to the client actual cost and progress performance and compare these to the approved master program budget.

Pre-construction Services

We assist the client in directing the activities of the designers and pre-construction contractor, identifying purchasing and coordinating delivery of long lead equipment, and in evaluating the benefits and disadvantages of value engineering alternatives.

Site Improvement Evaluation

We assist the client in evaluating potential development sites; assist in the development of any off-site utilities improvements necessary to support the construction effort; and coordinate design data and assist legal representatives with zoning matters.

Bid Administration

We assist the client in recruiting and prequalifying general contractors, major subcontract bidders and suppliers; assist the client and Architect in releasing the construction documents for bid and the subsequent receipt of bids;  provide analysis and recommendations for contract awards; and assist the client in negotiating and executing the agreement for construction and related activities.