Telecommunications Consulting


Development Systems assists building owners, property managers and tenants with the planning, design, implementation, and management of comprehensive communications solutions. The company provides a wide range of services, custom-tailored to the needs of each client. Our services fall into the following categories:

Communication Facility Planning

Development Systems surveys existing building conditions and client needs, and prepares a communication facility plan.  This plan addresses the current and anticipated needs of the client, property manager and or building owner.  The plan takes into consideration factors, such as developing technologies, and the costs and benefits of alternatives.

Voice, Data and Video Consulting

Development Systems negotiates access agreements with local and long distance telecommunications providers, internet providers, long haul data carriers, off site data storage companies, and a wide variety of other service providers. We also monitor the installation of these facilities to assure proper coordination with building owners and managers.

Rooftop Antenna Management

Development Systems surveys each building rooftop site and evaluates its proximity, height, physical and electronic characteristics.  Based on this analysis, potential site users are identified.  We provide standard form agreements especially designed to protect the building owner. Development Systems negotiates rental rates, prepares end-user license agreements, and presents the signed agreements to building management for approval and signature.  We inspect the initial installation of equipment and then follow up with regular site visits to ensure that technical standards are being met by the end-users.

Training and Technical Support

Development Systems provides training on current Radio Frequency Emmissions (RF) rules and regulations and offers technical support.